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Specialized Drilling Corp. offers a wide range of drilling services.


Geotechnical ServicesGeotechnical Services

Geotechnical drilling is carried out to determine soil and rock characteristics and in some cases, gather information about the nature and position of the water table from particular sites. Drilling is conducted to assess potential construction sites and to confirm subsurface conditions.


Exploration ServicesExploration Services

Mineral exploration projects typically involve a search for certain minerals or materials that are valuable assets on the world market. Exploration is the search for hidden or unknown materials whereas investigation is the process of checking to establish if the mineral still exists in an economical quantity.


Enviromental ServicesEnvironmental Services

Environmental drilling involves the specialized applications of geotechnical and waterwell drilling methods to monitor the quality of soil groundwater and assist in the control and remediation of soil and/or groundwater pollution. The current prominence of environmental applications drives from concern over human impacts on soil and groundwater quality.


Hydrogeological ServicesHydrogeological Services

Hydrogeological drilling is conducted to obtain physical properties on the groundwater and aquifer systems influenced by geological formations, or rock types under the earth’s surface. Monitoring the result of the drilling and pump tests assists with decisions around the development of industrial infrastructure and minimizing environmental impacts. In addition, the extraction and utilization of the fresh water is a significant resource to all living creatures.


Geothermal SevicesGeothermal Services

Geothermal drilling allows access to capturing the earth's natural heat, which is relatively stable. Using geothermal heat pumps, this system can be used for heating or cooling. Water or other liquids are put through continuous loops that are buried vertically or horizontally next to the building. For cooling during hot weather, the heat is picked up by the fluid and transferred into the earth. Geothermal heat pumps use little electricity and are environmentally friendly. They can save up to 70% energy as opposed to natural gas, electric, propane or oil. Heat pumps are efficient and low in maintenance, having fewer mechanical components. The geothermal unit itself has a 30 year lifespan compared to the 15 year life span of a typical furnace. The use of geothermal heating also eliminates six tonnes of CO2 emissions from a typical home.


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